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Say goodbye to chaotic poop bags and squished treats in your pockets... and say hello to our all encompassing Dog Walking Bag, Treat Pouch & Strap! The perfect solution to your Dog Walking needs, featuring a side poop bag dispenser and a treat pouch.

Our "build your own" bag enables you to customise your Strap design and includes a matching treat pouch to clip onto your bag strap. 


Material: Nylon

Bag & Treat Pouch Colour: Caramel Latte

Bag Dimensions: 21cm x 14cm x 5cm 

  • Water-resistant and wipe proof material, easy to clean
  • Wipeable lining inside
  • Poop Bag dispenser (on side of bag)
  • Mesh compartment inside Bag to hold poop bags in place
  • External zip compartment
  • Internal zip compartment

Treat Pouch Dimensions: 8.5cm x 9cm. x 3cm 

Bag Strap Length: Can be adjusted from ~ 80cm to 135cm

Included are 3 items - Bag, Treat Pouch & Strap

**Please note, some options show a black bag, images are not avaliable of all bag straps with the Caramel Latte bag. You are purchasing a Caramel Latte bag in this listing and it will come with which ever bag strap you select.

Dog Walking Bag Bundle - Caramel Latte

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