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Say goodbye to chaotic poop bags and squished treats in your pockets... and say hello to our all encompassing Dog Walking Bag! Who knew walking your Pup could look so stylish... the perfect solution to your Dog Walking needs. Turn your favourite Cocopup Dog Walking Bag into your favourite Cocopup Dog Walking Bum Bag with our detachable waist strap for the ultimate hands free walkies!


Material: Nylon

Colour: Black

Dimensions: 21cm x 14cm x 5cm 

  • Water-resistant and wipe proof material, easy to clean
  • Wipeable lining inside
  • Poop Bag dispenser (on side of bag)
  • Mesh compartment inside Bag to hold poop bags in place
  • External zip compartment
  • Internal zip compartment
  • Bundle Includes our viral Dog Walking Bag (featuring internal compartments, poop bag dispenser) + Bum Bag Strap 
  • Save over 10% of the RRP on the individual products
  • Elasticated Strap 
  • Fits minimum waist 75cm and maximum waist 106cm

Bum Bag Bundle - Black Bag

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