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The Buffalo Horn is a long-lasting chew which is low in fat and high in protein and a safer alternative then a rubber chew toy. Buffalo horns are a long lasting chew and also great for your dogs dental hygiene removing tartar and plaque build up and promoting healthy teeth and gums. Aditionally, this delicious treat is a great source of calcium and phosphorus keeping your pup happy and healthy.


Apart from engaging your dog for hours, the buffalo horn can help relieve your pet from stress and anxiety.  Chewing among dogs also promotes mental stimulation, which is equally important as physical stimulation. Dog chew bones are a great way to boost their brain and channel their destructive behaviour toward the right direction. However, it is important to supervise them all the time to avoid any accidents. Make sure that there are no small pieces and has easy access to clean, fresh water, in case their mouth dries.

  • Mini - suitable for miniature and small-sized breeds
  • Standard - suitable for small - medium sized breeds 
  • Jumbo - suitable for large - giant breeds or heavy chewers 
  • Feed supervised and ensure your dog has access to clean, fresh water.
  • When the chew reaches a size that it would be possible for your dog to swallow, please remove it from them. 
  • Suitable for dogs 16+ weeks


To minimise our carbon footprint, this item will now arrive wrapped in a paper bag instead of a cellophane bag. Resealable brown bags are available to purchase for 50p, we recommend purchasing one which you can refill with every order. Search for resealable bag and add to basket.

Buffalo Horn

PriceFrom £4.00
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