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Nuts for Pets Poochbutter is a 100% natural and dog safe peanut butter. The team at Nuts for Pets believe in healthy, additive free and eco-conscious products meaning you can be confident that this Poochbutter is 100% safe for your pup to enjoy!

You can pair this Dog Friendly Peanut Butter with a LickiMat for the optimal high-value training reward.

Poochbutter Original 350G:

🥜 Contains vitamins B6 & E, niacin, protein

🍯 Added honey for stickiness

💛 UK Made without Salt, Sugar, Palm Oil or Xylitol

🐶  Puppy Safe Peanut Butter for dogs


If Nuts for Pets brand is not avaliable it will be substituted with an alternative doggy friendly peanut butter of the same quality and same or higher price with no additional charge. If you would specifically like this brand please drop us a message with your order. 

Peanut Butter - Nuts For Pets 350g

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