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Dogs are hyperactive pets that can keep you busy and entertained all day long. But this also exhausts them till the end of the day. You can use this KONG Stretchy Elephant Dog Toy to give them a cuddle buddy that will comfort and ease them at night. This toy is designed with adorable features that will match perfectly with your dog’s personality.

Your pet will sense special feelings and happiness around it when it will have this plush elephant dog toy to play with. It has long, stretchy legs that you can use to tug and haul your dog around. This gives you something to create an interactive session with your dog every once in a while.

The lovely squeaking and crinkling noises act as music that your dog will love to dance to. This durable plush dog toy has a cute and long trunk that your pooch will love to hold and pull. Also, this squeaky elephant dog toy helps you know about your dog’s whereabouts, which makes it easy to supervise solo playtime or treat-time. You will adore looking at your pet taking this toy everywhere!

As soon as you see some damage or worn-out fabric patches on this toy, know that it is the perfect time to replace or remove it. Otherwise, it may put your dog at risk of ingesting something harmful and choke on it.

Product Dimensions:19(D) x 11(W) x 8(H)

Product Benefits

  • Stretchy elephant dog toy ideal for active tugging and fetching games
  • Builds strong reflexes and help promote natural defences in dogs
  • Makes squeaking and crinkling sounds to add to the fun

Stretcheez Elephant Kong

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